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Puppy Retreat dog walking

Every dog deserves a Retreat

Enquire with our dog walkers and sitters at Puppy Retreat for walks, day care and boarding. Cat person? We can look after you feline friend as well. Your pet will always get a warm welcome and you can expect a responsible and reliable service when it comes to your pet’s all-round care. Enquire with our team in London today. 

Contact details

Tel: 07376 080979

Business hours

Monday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm

Payment methods

Cash / BACS / Direct Debit

    All new clients are expected to contact us to request a behaviour form to fill out regarding their dog. This is to be returned to us via email along with your request. All new dogs must give 2 weeks’ notice for their booking so a trial can be arranged, leaving enough time for you to find another dog sitter should your dog not be successful. After the trial is completed you will be contacted after the day is finished to make you aware of the outcome. If your dog is successful you will be sent a list of things that you will need to bring for your stay or first day of day care. We will always update you throughout the day so you know how your dog is getting along. Our social media will also be provided so you can follow your dog’s whereabouts. A trial day for day care is free once, if a second trial is needed we will charge full day care price. A trial for boarding will be charged at full price due to high demand in sleepovers. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be taken upon booking for your trial boarding to secure your place. Bank details will be provided.
    When we are given clients keys they must be given to us labelled with your dog’s name and nothing else for safety reasons should your key be lost- do NOT include your address or full name. If keys are lost by one of our walkers, we will provide payment for a new set of keys. We are not responsible for making a new set of keys for you but are happy to collect free of charge from you at a time of your convenience. If you have a lock space for your key or a code to your building, this is to be sent to us via WhatsApp before the first pick up.
    Payment for day care is due every Friday at the end of the week. Monthly payments are accepted but are to be paid on the 5th of every month and you must at least book 3 days per week for at least 3 weeks out of the month. Cash payments are accepted. If you are leaving cash for us at your home- please make sure it is enclosed in an envelope labelled with ‘dog walker’. Please send us a picture of this in the Whatsapp group so we know where to find it. A non-refundable 30% deposit will be taken upon booking for regular clients to secure your place and the rest to be paid at the end of the booking. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be taken upon booking for new clients to secure your place and the rest to be paid at the end of the booking.
    Our times are 10am-4pm which means that any boarders who are collected after 10am will incur a day care charge of £40. Any boarders who are staying for day care (on the final day of their stay) will need to be collected by 7pm. If you are late you will incur a £10 late pick up fee. We will not be able to hand over your dog later than 9pm. Your dog will be kept with us until the following morning when you can collect them. This is due to us being a home style day care and we do not operate at unsociable hours. Once the boarding has begun, there will be no refunds but there may be credits granted. Please speak with us to discuss options. Thank you! Our times are as follows: Full day care 10AM until 4PM Half day care 11AM until 3PM Dogs cannot be dropped for day care earlier than 8.30AM, however if it is a boarding we are happy to have them dropped from 8AM. If you cannot make these times, please book your dog to be dropped the evening before. If your dog needs to be kept past day care hours, you will be charged an addition £10 fee.
    All of our dogs must come to day care equip with a tag with your details on- please note it is against the law for dogs not to be tagged. All owners must make sure that dogs harness and collar are intact, as well as their lead. If you do not have something please let us know and we will try to provide. Dogs collars must be tight enough that it is not going to slip over their head when on lead- if your dog is small then a harness will need to be fitted for extra security. We only accept clip harnesses- no Velcro. During the winter seasons your dog may come back muddy. We will try our best to keep them clean but they are dogs, after all! Please make sure on rainy days you leave a towel for our walkers to dry your dog before letting them into the home.
    We always appreciate your business and we understand that circumstances may change. Please let us know at your earliest opportunity so we can make other arrangements. We need at least 24 hours’ notice for DAY CARE cancellations otherwise you will be charged the full amount. For boarding we will take a non-refundable deposit of 30% to secure you place. If you cancel within 48 hours before the booking begins you will be charged 50% of you booking fee. For example, if your booking is £300 you will pay a deposit of £90. If you cancel that booking 47 hours before, a further £60 will be paid to us.
    Due to safety concerns during the summer, we do not walk dogs above 25’C. This is due to the large amount of brachycephalic dogs we have in our pack. We do however continue with day care indoors and kept out from the sun. Plenty of indoor enrichment is provided throughout the day to keep the dogs busy. On hotter days over 29’C, day care will still run but pick up and drop off times will vary depending on the temperature. If clients would like to drop their dogs off and collect them once it is cooled down, we are happy for them to do so but please speak to us for details. During the winter please make sure that towels are provided for your muddy pup! We do walk in all levels of rain however if there is a thunder storm and lightening, walks will be cancelled and indoor enrichment will be provided for the safety of our pack. If it is snowing we will also provide indoor enrichment with short walks outside. Please make sure if it is snowing and your dog suffers from the cold, that they have a jumper or coat to keep them warm outside. We do not walk dogs below 0’C but day care will be provided for local dogs or those who can be transported to us.

PR Dog Care have been amazing with my Akita-Staffy Mix, taking him on his walks and being flexible with days and times. They helped with training and socialising. He has been on walks with them for nearly a year and hopefully many more to come! I love that they keep me updated with texts and photos. I can trust them 100%. They put the care of their dogs first!

Autumn, Roisin

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